Portuguese heritage,since 1983

Mr. António José Costa, a passionate tailor and volunteer firefighter driven by a desire to help others, founded Becri in 1983. Today, the company continues its legacy of excellence, drawing on his unique background to deliver top-tier garments and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Since 1983, Becri has evolved from a small family-owned business into Becri Group. Composed by Becri, Guay, Gubec, Posolis and Titulos & Rubricas, today the group employs over 800 highly skilled professionals, of which 400+ seamstresses and serves a prestigious clientele focused on the premium and luxury markets.

Our journey of growth and sucess has been fuelled by strategic acquisitions and continuous investments, such as, smart machinery, in-house laboratory, in-house laundry, 3D modelling software, 3D digital printing - xDi, among others. Sustainable growth, efficient and smart production, and employees well-being are at the core of our values, driving every decision we make.


We stay true to our values, knitting for a better world.

Our History


Established in 1983 by five partners and fifteen employees, Becri initially supplied the national market.


Company restructuring, with two managing partners now leading the company after the division and assignment of quotas.


Becri creates its first account management department, and beggins exporting directy to both national and foreign markets. This expansion led to significant growth and to doubling the number of employees.


Given the company’s growth, Becri moved it’s headquarters to where it is located today, in Alvelos, with approximately 800m²/ 8 600 sq feet.


Becri increased in production capacity, upgraded equipment and technology, and improved employee working conditions by installing a refrigeration system, dressing room, medical office and cafeteria.


Becri’s investments and restructuring efforts resulted in growth and a stronger presence in the foreign markets. By 2004, the company had 85 employees, and despite the textile sector crisis between 2005-2006, Becri secured renowned brands and defined clear business objectives for the future.


Re-expansion and facilities refurbishment to nearly 3000m²/ 32 291.7313 sq feet, acquiring modernized equipment and adding a raw material warehouse.


Workforce and clientele increase, streamlined production, and began working directly with its clients in 2013. As a result, the company became a respected national and international reference in the textile industry.


The company acquires Guay Trading International SA and changes its corporate identity and begins producing garments for the international and national markets, with a special focus on tailor-made products for the parent company.


Títulos & Rubricas, was acquired to respond to the production needs of Becri. Its production activity and manufacturing is exclusive to the companies of the Becri Group.


Gubec, founded in 2018, specializes in mass production of ready-to-wear for the international markets. With around 70 employees, the company has undergone renovations and plans further remodeling in the near future.


New facilities expansion includes the construction of a building housing cutting, warehouse, laboratory, showroom, and design departments. The focus of the construction was on improving natural lighting through the incorporation of skylights and solar panels, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.


Títulos & Rubricas underwent extensive remodeling to enhance working conditions. Becri initiated its internal laboratory activities after completing facility restructuring in 2018.


Becri Group acquired new buildings near its headquarters, adding employees and production capacity.


Acquisition of a new Títulos e Rubricas manufacturing unit in Guimarães, with approximately 95 employees.


Acquisition of a new Títulos e Rubricas manufacturing unit in Barcelos, focused on smaller productions.


Acquisition of a new Títulos e Rubricas manufacturing unit in Ponte de Lima and introduction of a new company to the group, Posolis. Posolis incorporates the Toyota Manufacturing System to drive operational efficiency and continuous improvement.


On January 14th, Becri celebrated its 40th anniversary. The in-house laundry at Becri is now fully operational, significantly reducing laundry and related lead times.



SME Leader Seal by IAPMEI under Fincresce;

(Recognition Award for best small business perfomance)


SME Leader Seal by IAPMEI

(Recognition Award for small business perfomance – IAPMEI)


Business Excellence Awards by Moda Portugal



SME Leader Seal by IAPMEI


ISO 9001 Becri’s Certificate


ISO 9001 Guay’s Certificate


ISO 9001 Gubec’s Certificate


Business Excellence Award by Moda Portugal