Becri started its operations in 1983 with an initial team of 5 partners and 15 employees, focusing entirely on the domestic market. Over the years, the company has undergone various changes across multiple sectors, ensuring a commitment to continuous improvement. It has created, expanded, or modified departments according to its evolving needs. Presently, Becri comprises the following departments: Administrative and Financial, Continuous Improvement, Sales, Technology and Information, Marketing/Communication, Industrial, Logistics, Management of Production Equipment, Research and Development (R&D), Laboratory, and Modeling. Today, all of its production is international.

Becri's Certifications

*Becri is a OCS, GRS and RCS certified.

Only the products wich are covered by a valid transaction certificate are Becri certified.


Our Location

  • R. do Parque Industrial 60,
    4755-036 Alvelos