Founded by the group in 2015 and situated in Alvelos, Guay follows the modus operandi of its parent company. Serving its own clientele, Guay offers a comprehensive range of services, including Patterning Development, Sampling, Cutting, Laundry, Packing, and Warehousing. This strategic foundation has significantly bolstered the group's market position, expanding its reach internationally. In 2024, Guay expanded its facilities, enlarging the showroom and all production sectors, significantly enhancing its operational capacity. This expansion enables the group to meet the diverse needs of its clientele more effectively and further enhances the range of services provided by the group.

Guay's Certifications

*Guay is a OCS, GRS and RCS certified.

Only the products wich are covered by a valid transaction certificate are Guay certified.


Our Location

  • R. do Parque Industrial 4,
    4755-036 Alvelos