Becri Group considers it is crucial for its management activity to uphold the following guidelines:

Being a dynamic, proactive organization that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of clients and stakeholders, by continuously adapting to new market demands and thereby enhancing its competitive advantages.
Meeting client requirements, including specifications and technical quality standards of its products, while fully respecting the brands and patents of our partners.
Ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations and other requirements subscribed to by the organization.
Guaranteeing innovation in process, product, and solution development to ensure competitiveness and sustainable development.
Providing all employees with appropriate resources and skill development, fostering a beneficial work environment while ensuring safety and health conditions.
Contributing to environmental improvement through stakeholder commitment, preventing pollution by controlling environmental impacts.
Promoting continuous improvement of the Management System, contributing to the consolidation of BecriGroup as an international benchmark.


To produce clothing that aims to carefully fulfill our customers' technical specifications, exceeding their expectations using innovation and production development, combining quality with deadlines and prices.


Becri Group aims to be a reference company in the textile sector in the national and international market. This will allow to design and position our products in the target market segments.


  • Respect: Valuing and esteeming employees and partners, providing a safe, inclusive, and enriching work environment where people are the priority in business development.
  • Ethics and Honesty: Acting based on ethical, moral, and deontological principles.
  • Excellence: Combining all business practices in a distinctive manner to add value to all stakeholders.
  • Trust: Building mutually beneficial long-term trust relationships with clients, employees, and other stakeholders, believing in the cohesion and capability of the workforce.
  • Innovation: Being creative in seeking and offering innovative and sustainable solutions, with a primary focus on the quality of products and services offered, anticipating market needs.
  • Sustainability: Adopting sustainable production practices, influencing the entire value chain towards sustainable development.

Becri Group has been focusing on the following areas of intervention:

  • Ongoing professional training;
  • Protocols established with different companies for employee discount;
  • On-site medical appointments;
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions and tools;
  • Compliance with all laws and standards related to Health and Safety at Work;
  • The best working equipment, in terms of ergonomics and safety;
  • A system of values that is shared among all stakeholders.

Our commitment goes beyond ensuring the quality of our garments – it is towards everything around us and which can be affected by our actions.