REstyle Studio

Revolutionize your design process with true-to-life 3D garment simulation.

Currently, overstock is one of the main problems of brands.

In a fashion context, failure to sell may result in excessive accumulation of clothing, causing profit lost and deadstock agglomeration.

Nowadays, the production line ends with product distribution. Combating this situation, Becri Group invests in the ReStyle Studio a project that allows the return of stock pieces to the production line.

ReStyle Studio creates an opportunity to generate a re-design of a worthless article, where a design team proposes new solutions for the article, generating a new piece that will be needed and consumed by the market.

Implementing this process in the long-term brands explores a new path of sustainability combating this way tons of wastes.

For customers interested in this strategy, it is possible follow current market trends doing clothing upcycling.

Less Stock.

More Sustainability.