Títulos e Rubricas comprises 5 manufacturing units located in the North Region of the country, within thirty minutes ride from the group headquarters. These units were kept at their original locations(Vila Verde, Guimarães, Ponte de Lima, and Manhente) considering the convenience of their workers nearby residences.

These units were acquired by Becri Group to meet its manufacturing needs, with a primary focus on high-volume production, while manufacuring in-house. With a combined workforce of 400 highly skilled seamstresses, Títulos e Rubricas plays a vital role in ensuring the group's ability to deliver exceptional quality garments at scale.

Títulos & Rubricas's Certifications

*Títulos & Rubricas is a OCS, GRS and RCS certified.

Only the products wich are covered by a valid transaction certificate are Títulos & Rubricas certified.


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